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Castlereagh Sub Aqua Club shared Scuba Diver Life's Orange Spine Surgeonfish - Palau. ...

Check out these beautiful orange spine surgeonfish, filmed at Blue Corner in Palau! According to the videographer: "This wasn't your typical dive at Blue Corner. There was NO current! You normally want lots of current to bring in the fish and sharks for this site. But on this dive it was perfect, as we witnessed one of the most awesome displays of nature in the aggregation of the orange spine surgeonfish. The school stayed with us for most of the dive. Of course there were 75-100 sharks that were interested as well. This is a unique event, as this species of fish is known only to aggregate like this twice a year in Palau in the months of the December and January around the full moon. Please share, like and comment, and check out more cool videos on the OceanShutter page!

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Castlereagh Sub Aqua Club shared Irish Coast Guard's post. ...

Rescue 118, our helicopter and crew based at Sligo, was tasked yesterday to a long range medevac from a fishing vessel 300kms West of Achill island Co. Mayo. Top cover was supplied by Air Corps Charlie 252 Maritime Patrol. Casualty successful lifted and transferred to further medical care. Photos #Irish Air Corps

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Castlereagh Sub Aqua Club shared BSAC Ireland Regional Coaching Team's event. ...

BSAC Ireland Regional Evening

April 5, 2018, 7:30pm - April 5, 2018, 10:00pm

The BSAC Ireland Regional Team invites you to join us on Thursday 5th April at BBC Blackstaff, Great Victoria Street Belfast for a great opportunity to meet fellow divers and hear from our excellent guest speakers. John Chambers (underwater camerman and producer) will be with us to share his amazing experiences. Dr Mark Palmer (BSAC Medical Referee) will discuss PFO's which affect 1 in 5 of the population and are particularly problematical for divers. Phil Alberts from the Diver Resources Team at BSAC HQ will be on hand too as will members of the Regional Coaching Team. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Chambers John has been working in underwater film and television since 2005 doing a mix of in water work and directing. He's worked on productions including ‘Oceans’, ‘Life’, ‘Top Gear’, ‘Galapagos 3D’, ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Avengers 2’, ‘Shark’, ‘The Hunt’ and ‘Blue Planet II’. Dr Mark Palmer Mark started diving in 1980 and has logged over 1500 dives. He is a BSAC Advanced Diver, Advanced Instructor and is Mod 3 rebreather qualified. His day job is a GP but he is also an experienced HSE diving medical examiner and has been a UKDMC referee for over 15 years. Phil Alberts Phil is an Advanced Diver, Open Water Instructor and Commercial Diver. He has been diving since 1983 and has worked at BSAC HQ for the last three years. He coordinates the regional coaches and provides support for divers and instructors within BSAC. Everyone welcome

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