Instructor Training

BSAC’s extensive network of highly skilled diving instructors is the driving force behind our worldwide reputation for training excellence and safety.

BSAC Instructor Training Scheme runs over 170 events each year, providing training and assessment at all levels for both amateur and professional instructors. BSAC standards are internationally recognised.

Local course are run at least once a year.

Instructor levels are:

  • Attend IFC – Assistant Instructor
  • Practical Instructor
  • Theory Instructor
  • Open Water Instructor
  • Assistant Advanced Instructor
  • Advanced Instructor
  • National Instructor

Open Water Instructor

  • Instructor Foundation Course
    A two-day course where the essential elements of instruction are taught.
  • Theory Exam (Knowledge and Classroom)
    Where students are assessed both in delivering a classroom presentation and in their diving knowledge.
  • Open Water Instructor Course
    Furthering practical instructional skills, teaching in open water.
  • Practical Instructor Exam
    Where students are assessed in delivering a practical lesson in open water